Top 10 Cars for Scary Season

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Halloween is usually associated with bugs, ghouls and pumpkins but what about cars? There are plenty of cars on the road in recent times that are looking meaner and ghoulish.

In recent times there seems to be a correlation of meaner looking cars on the road. Whether you drive a Vauxhall Astra or a Mercedes C-Class they all seem to have a similar look on the roads featuring distinctive aerodynamic bodies, with menacing looking grills to accompany them.

This could be down to several factors including EU safety regulations, aerodynamic considerations aiming for better fuel economy or aggressive design being the current popular direction of automotive designers. Many of these factors have influenced a flux of manufacturers to go by similar design concepts to get the best in performance for their cars as well as having their product family distinctively recognised on the roads.

Audi RSQ8

The RS badge will bring a substantially more aggressive body kit for the SUV, giving it a significantly sportier appearance than the regular Q8. At the front, larger air intakes with new mesh-type grilles, as well as a modified lower section of the bumper, will be installed. Slightly wider wheel arches and new side sills, as well as a beefier rear diffuser, will complete the package give it that demonic look.

Audi SQ8RS

Ford Mustang

Sticking with the iconic style of a Mustang and continuing with its muscly approach, the new Mustang has a few upgrades with its frontal view. With the lights now beaming towards you looking angrier than ever you’ll be able to hear the roar and see the beaming lights of the Mustang a few miles away.

Ford MustangToyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo may be slightly different from the previously mentioned within this post but the way this car has been crafted has the similarities of an evil goblin – simple but opposing.

Toyota AygoFord Raptor

The Ford Raptor has similarities of a night predator. The formula is simple: fit heavy-duty shock absorbers, a wider track and knobbly all-terrain tyres to a pick-up with extra grunt under the bonnet. Customers quickly discovered the same suspension that irons out rough off-road tracks also create a smoother ride in the concrete jungle – the best of both worlds.

Ford RaptorHyundai i30N Custom

A car that truly presents itself as an unsuspected hunter now goes underground with no less than 25 Custom extras including, 20-inch wheels, larger brakes and more carbon which will put the fear into any driver who crosses its path.

Hyundai i30N customPeugeot e – legend concept

The concept idea for this vehicle shows Peugeot in a meaner and slicker way than ever before. The hyper-technological car provides an ultimate driving experience by utilising all the modern elements such as it is electronic and self-driving. However, due to the halo look of the front headlights and badge, you wouldn’t want to be left alone when this mythical e-legend approaches silently on an eerie night, like a mystical wisp in the woods.

Peugeot e-legend conceptLamborghini Veneno

The Veneno uses the same 6.5-liter V12 as the Aventador, but it’s been boosted from 690 horsepower to 750 hp. That’s enough to push the 3,278-pound roadster from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Flat out, it’ll do 221 mph. The aesthetic design may look like something out of a sci-fi comic book, but Lamborghini assures that each fin, diffuser, and the wing was designed specifically for perfect airflow. The protruding fenders, huge front wing, and enormous rear spoiler all provide exceptional downforce, and even the wheels were designed with function in mind to possibly look like it’s ready to battle robots or monsters from various realms.

Lamborghini VenenoRolls Royce Ghost

The self-explanatory Rolls Royce Ghost was designed to give drivers the look and feel of what a Ghost is capable to do which is scare everyone with its coldness and speed. The Rolls Royce Ghost is fitted with a vast twin turbo, direct injection V12 engine and its unique floating wheel centres always staying vertical. This car’s sole purpose was to wow onlookers and give them the chills at the same time and the team at Rolls Royce and proudly say that they have created the ultimate experience for a driver with the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Rolls Royce GhostVeritas RSIII

The Veritas RS III Hybrid was designed as a single seater, with the driver’s seat mounted on left side. The compact cabin continues the racy theme found outside and it’s fitted with a sports seat and a race-inspired steering wheel. The car comes without a full-sized windscreen and all you get it’s a small wind deflector.

The Veritas RS III Hybrid’s front is dominated by a wide, oval air intake which is crossed by a series of vertical bars. Above the grille, you’ll find a pair of mean looking headlights which further enhance the aggressive look of the front fascia.

Elaborating on its look, it certainly looks unidentified, out of this world and pretty much alien to most vehicles on the road or in the skies.

Varutas RS iiiBatmobile

The Batmobile is a car that everyone would like to have but not everyone could handle. The Batmobile is powered by hydrogen, which is stored in twin tanks in its right-hand-side flanks. A fuel cell stack is on the car’s left flank and these powers the lithium-ion batteries.

Instead of standard alloys, the Batmobile sits on ‘virtual wheels’. According to the technical drawings, the wheel’s force-field generators “oppose gravity and lifts the Batmobile to a levitation position 40mm above the ground”.

Probably the most menacing vehicle out of the lot, luckily this car is only available to Batman and not  for fleet leasing.

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