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Brexit: Taking Vehicles Abroad – Important Advice (VE103)

Important information for driving your vehicle abroad. From 29th March, regardless of whether there is a deal or no deal Brexit, all drivers taking vehicles abroad will require a VE103 form issued by the owner of the vehicle, an insurance Green Card and a GB car sticker, in order to drive in the EU. It… Read more »

UK drivers of rental and leased vehicles still require VE103 certificates regardless of EU-Exit Deal

If you are planning to use your company car (leased vehicle) post 29 March in Europe, you will still be required to carry VE103 certificate.  The Government has confirmed that drivers of rented or leased vehicles will still be required to carry a VE103 certificate when taking their vehicle abroad post 29 March, regardless of the outcome of… Read more »

Vehicle and Motoring Accessories

From tailored car mats to driver kits, the new online Sandicliffe Motor Contracts Accessories Shop can cater to all your motoring needs. Have you just taken delivery of your new company car and want to give it that personal touch? You can now order tailored-fitted and customisable car mats direct through Sandicliffe Motor Contracts. With… Read more »

Top 10 Worst Driving Habits

With a busy weekend of traffic ahead of us, let’s take a minute to remember those annoying driving habits that drive us all mad. As a driver, nobody likes being cut up or getting stuck behind a ‘middle lane hogger’, and believe it or not, but other drivers don’t possess physic powers either – you… Read more »

Traveling Abroad this Summer?

Don’t forget your VE103B If you’re planning a summer road trip abroad, did you know you can choose to use your Sandicliffe Motor Contracts vehicle as your chosen mode of transport? Taking your company car on holiday with you is no problem at all, as long as your company insurance policy covers you to drive… Read more »