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68 Plates and New Models Coming Soon

The new 68 plates are fast approaching. This means you’ll start to see new cars showcasing the 68 plates from the 1st of September. Understanding and having the knowledge of reading a car registration plate is a handy skill to have as it will usually allow you to figure out the age of a vehicle… Read more »

Dartford Crossing Charges Update

Did you know you can no longer pay for the Dartford Crossing at the barriers? Introducing the Dart Charge The Dart Charge is an online payment system that was introduced in October 2014 allowing you to pay the Dartford Crossing fee in advance or up to midnight after the day you cross. The charge only… Read more »

Microscopic Vehicle Management

Many people are often surprised when they learn that their contract hire company may never see the vehicle they are leasing. However once the customer has placed an order, the contract hire company requests the car or van from the supplying dealership, the dealership receives the vehicle from the manufacturer, they then give it its… Read more »