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Government takes charge to simplify EV usership

Last month the government announced plans to make it compulsory for every new home in England to come with a home charging point, and by spring 2020 all-new rapid charge points must be required to take payment by contactless debit or credit card – something so simple, but rarely possible with the current infrastructure. EV… Read more »

Top 10 Low CO2 SUVs

For many company car drivers, topping their shopping list are three things: ✓ It must have a low CO2 ✓ It must have a low BIK rate ✓ It’s got to be an SUV The SUV market continues to boom Since it’s explosion on the scene in 2007, the Nissan Qashqai is the biggest selling… Read more »

H2 Vehicles: should you be considering them?

Recently Sandicliffe Motor Contract attended the Hydrogen Vehicle Discover Day in Nottingham to understand more about how hydrogen vehicles may influence fleet decision makers in the future. H2 Vehicle Discovery Day The event was hosted by the Energy Technology Research Institute of the University of Nottingham (UoN) in conjunction with Nottingham City Council and was… Read more »

Top 5 Available Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

With around 60 plug-in hybrid models now available, where do you start in finding the right PHEV for your fleet? The lure of the plug-in hybrid is easy to see. No range anxiety, great on company car tax, barely any compromise in terms of performance or comfort – and oh yes, it’s not a diesel!… Read more »

Electric Vehicles: The future of your fleet?

Electric Vehicles

Over the last couple of years, electric vehicles (EVs) have seen a remarkable surge in demand in the UK. In 2013, new registrations of EVs reached 3,500. Fast forward four years to July 2017, and new registrations for plug-ins have already reached over 500,000 for the year. This growth is expected to continue, with registrations… Read more »

Top 10 ULEVs for 2017

Top 10 ULEV's

Following the changes to VED tax, and the war on diesel, the benefits around adding ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) to your fleet are growing. By running cleaner vehicles and improving the efficiency of your fleet, you can without a doubt save  money in the long run. And although BIK tax for employees may not… Read more »