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Business Start-ups that drive forward with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts

For any business looking at expansion plans, the likelihood that they will grow their team resource through increasing support engineers or sales reps. With any growth plans, ultimately the requirement of resource requires investment in support for vehicles to help drive the business growth forward.  Over the decades, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ team of experienced professionals have… Read more »

Contract Hire vs Outright purchase: which team are you?

In the spirit of the 2018 World Cup, we size up two favourites of the fleet world: contract hire vs outright purchase. In terms of vehicle funding, outright purchase ran the show for decades until businesses became wise to the benefits of contract hire. It was in the early 1980’s when business contract hire began… Read more »

Vans fit for Contract Hire

white van for business use

A van is more than just a vehicle that gets you from A to B. For many owners, a van is their office and workshop. Choosing the correct van for the job is therefore vital, but it is easier said than done. Not only do you have to consider the purpose, the size, and the… Read more »

Alan Bartlett and Sons ‘root’ for contract hire

Alan Bartlett and Sons

Moving from outright purchase to contract hire can sometimes be a daunting task but not for Alan Bartlett & Sons who took the plunge back in 2012. Root vegetable grower and packer Alan Bartlett and Sons made the move to contract hire with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts almost four years ago and haven’t looked back since…. Read more »

Fleet Management and Vehicle Leasing for SMEs

For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, a dedicated Fleet Manager is a luxury that is not always justifiable. And it’s not to say that their job is redundant – far from it. A recent study showed that of those employees looking after fleets in SMEs, a staggering 98% are also juggling… Read more »

Choosing a Motor Contract Hire Provider

No matter how many vehicles you operate, choosing a contract hire provider is a critical business decision. Cars and vans are not only one of the biggest overheads incurred by companies, if they are poorly managed they can also become a very frustrating distraction; particularly if time and resource is being taken away from your… Read more »