Google Maps Electric Vehicle (EV) charge map search is the game changer for UK drivers

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Besides the problems that social media can create, technology and the internet is constantly enhancing our day to day lives. This has been also true of Google since it came into our lives from the early 2000s and since then we have seen an array of features that have provided benefits to everyone, every day and still continues, constantly evolving.

From Google’s Maps, Street View, Traffic and Sat Nav Directions, Google has always looked at ways to enhance the lives of people, commuters and drivers, making mobility easier for us all. Now Google has taken the next step to encourage drivers with new features that will mean drivers of Electric Vehicles will now have added benefits when using Google Maps.

In April 2019 Google recently launched a fantastic new function on Google Maps which will benefit thousands of drivers who use PHEVs and EVs.

The new service is currently only available to users in the US and UK and allows for the search of electric vehicle charging stations. The service will not only display where the EV charge locations are in the UK, but it will also tell them if those EV chargers are currently in use.

For drivers and businesses, this could be a game changer for those sitting on the fence for EVs. It allows operations teams who manage fleets to effectively influence introducing EV vehicles by encouraging financial decision makers. It will help the operations team improve routing based on charge location and contribute to their own road to zero strategies that the government is currently supercharging into UK industry.

For both fleets and drivers, the tool will allow users to plan and save time effectively, aiding UK business who run fleets to progress further into the UK’s own ‘mobility revolution’ that has previously been on trickle.

How to unlock Google Maps EV search?

Google Maps users can do a quick search by searching the term “ev charging stations“. This will identify the real-time availability of charging ports across the UK. Simply click on the charging location and the app or webpage will display how many EV charge stations are available or in use.  Google Maps also provides photos, reviews and the ability to provide feedback or answer about any given EV charging station.

EV charge station

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