Top 10 Worst Driving Habits

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With a busy weekend of traffic ahead of us, let’s take a minute to remember those annoying driving habits that drive us all mad.

As a driver, nobody likes being cut up or getting stuck behind a ‘middle lane hogger’, and believe it or not, but other drivers don’t possess physic powers either – you have to let other drivers know your intentions behind the wheel!

Here are the top 10 worst driving habits not to be guilty of this weekend:

  1. Tailgating
  2. Failing to indicate
  3. Hogging the middle lane
  4. Dangerous overtaking
  5. Hogging the outside lane
  6. Jumping traffic lights
  7. Undertaking
  8. Being slow away from traffic lights
  9. Hesitant braking
  10. Last-minute braking


A staggering 29% of drivers said that tailgating is the worse. Not only is it annoying but it can be dangerous too, especially when you come across some unexpected traffic or if you’re close to pedestrian crossings.

Next in line was failing to indicate. This is the physic bit! Remember, only you know your intentions, don’t assume others know what you want to do. A little flick of the indicator is all it takes.

16% of drivers expressed their annoyance at middle lane hoggers. Since the new law was introduced in 2013, it is now an offence to sit in the middle lane of the motorway if there is an opportunity to pull into the left hand carriageway. Remember the ‘middle’ lane is lanes two and three on a four-lane carriageway.

Overtaking – if it doesn’t look safe, don’t do it! 11% of us expressed our concerns for those who undertake dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

Take a minute to think, be aware, show consideration and above all – stay safe!

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