Time for a Rainbows Fiesta with local car lease company

Rainbows Hospice new car

For the past 12 years, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts has provided Loughborough-based Rainbows hospice for Children and Young People with the unrestricted use of a vehicle. But the existing vehicle – a 2014 Nissan Note, was starting to feel a little dated, so SMC felt it was time to furnish Rainbows Hospice with something more modern…. Read more »

Summer road trip? Take your company car with you!

Company car abroad

Whether you’re planning to stay in the UK this summer, or taking to Europe, have you thought about driving your company car? To avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport, more and more Brits are choosing to holiday in the UK. Or, for something a little bit different, holidaymakers are taking to the roads… Read more »

Moving your fleet vehicles to contract hire with SMC could be the best move for your team!

Pefect Match - Blog post1

With the final rounds of the 2018 World Cup approaching, the question on everyone’s mind is “can England get to the final?” But for many business owners this summer who face the challenge and uncertainty that Brexit may bring to their company, the question they are asking is “should we be outright purchasing or contract… Read more »

SMC sponsor the 2018 REAL Rally

REAL Rally

In its third year, the REAL Rally is gearing up for another fun-filled, money-raising motoring adventure. With 54 teams entered from across the vehicle repair industry, today is the day the three-day charity event kicks off, setting off from Telford Hotel and Golf Resort. Although not a race, the event looks to test teams’ buying… Read more »

Highlights from Company Car in Action

CCIA main image

Representatives from Sandicliffe Motor Contracts attended Fleet News’ Company Car in Action 2018 at Millbrook Proving Ground, which took place on 12-13 June. The event is described by organisers as “the UK’s most comprehensive driving event for fleet decision makers and influences”. With around 300 models from 26 manufacturers, the event allowed visitors and our… Read more »

Contract Hire vs Outright purchase: which team are you?

Perfect Match - Contract Hire vs Outright Purchase

In the spirit of the 2018 World Cup, we size up two favourites of the fleet world: contract hire vs outright purchase. In terms of vehicle funding, outright purchase ran the show for decades until businesses became wise to the benefits of contract hire. It was in the early 1980’s when business contract hire began… Read more »

Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric: A realistic fleet perspective on the ongoing fuel debate

Diesel vs Petrol vs Electric

Diesel still remains a firm favourite for business fleets; and we believe it should. New Euro 6 diesel engines are some of the cleanest on the market and can measure up to their petrol equivalents in terms of pollutants. The table below shows Euro 6 emissions standards for both diesel and petrol cars, indicating just… Read more »