BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear Standard e-guide updated

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The BVRLA has recently made updates to the ‘The Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard’ e-guide.

As of the end of April 2019, the BVRLA has made updates and changes to ‘The Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard’, which have been developed to provide users with further transparency.

What updates were made?

  • Customers were not aware of their responsibilities for looking after the vehicle: The guide contains advice and guidance drivers can use during the lease period, information drivers should know at the start, tips on self-appraising the vehicle at end of lease, and what to expect on the day the vehicle goes back. The Guide also states that drivers can expect to incur charges if there is no evidence that the vehicle has been serviced and maintained to manufacturer guidelines
  • Customers are not familiar with the concept of ‘fair wear and tear’ and unaware of their responsibilities for the condition of the vehicle at return: The guide now provides clear communication throughout, plain language, clear explanation and why we have end-of-lease charges so that there is no doubt.
  • Customers had little idea of repair costs and often disputed end-of-lease charges: The Guide now recommends that customers self-appraise vehicles approximately 10-12 weeks before they are due for return – giving options for the driver to repair damages etc.
  • Customers didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know their rights fully: A fuller explanation of the BVRLA’s dispute resolution process is now clearer.
  • Clarity of definition of the term ‘Chips, dents and scratches‘ to paintwork, body bumpers and trim: The Guide provides more specific detail on what is unacceptable and acceptable.
  • Panoramic roofs were not previously identified: Clarity on panoramic roofs must be fully functioning and a contain no more than a maximum 4 surface scratches.

View the updated guide now on our website at .

The guide provides full information on the Industry standards for fair wear and tear and identifies what is acceptable and unacceptable for drivers and fleet managers.

Further advice

If you have any further questions relating to fair wear or tear, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on:

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