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Businesses have a duty of care to employees out on the road whether they use company-provided vehicles or not. Where employees use their own personal vehicle for business use, this is known as Grey Fleet.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 means that companies and organisations could be liable should any of those duty of care responsibilities not be met.

The difficulty with Grey Fleet is that, because vehicles are the property of the employee, it becomes more challenging to monitor breaches.

Here’s a few examples of how businesses fail to fulfil their obligations:

Grey Fleet InfographicSource: Fleet News

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts offers a full range of risk management services to help manage those risks. Companies can implement a complete package of measures or choose specific services including:

  • Online driver licence checks – not just one-off checks to ensure an employee is legal to drive but a way to continually check for any penalties or offences
  • Grey Fleet support – database management of additional driver details such as insurance documents, MOT certificates and maintenance checks
  • Driver training – education is the best preventive measure, making sure your drivers understand the risks can reduce accidents and offences

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