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For any business looking at expansion plans, the likelihood that they will grow their team resource through increasing support engineers or sales reps. With any growth plans, ultimately the requirement of resource requires investment in support for vehicles to help drive the business growth forward. 

Over the decades, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ team of experienced professionals have applied their experience and knowledge when it comes to delivering vehicle mobility solutions to businesses, be it business start-up or development.

From funding, choice and strategy or policy, development and management, we’re happy to look at all the options available for small and medium enterprises with a range of flexible products, services and funding solutions ideally suited to your business needs.

SMC’s business development team are available to support human resource growth with mobility solutions tailored to the individual needs of business. We can provide a free consultation to SME’s when setting out and starting up, providing alternative finance solutions when it comes to contract hire, leasing and fleet management.

How can SMC help?

  • Funding – What option would work best for a new and growing business? We can help you find the credit and funding you need.
  • Vehicle Choice – We can help you understand which cars or vans would be best for: practicality and use; complimenting your brand image; attracting & retaining employees
  • Fleet Policy – We can help to develop a fleet policy to protect your employees and keep them safe and protect you in terms of liability and duty of care.
  • We can manage your fleet for you – Let us do what we do best! We can look after your fleet to leave you and your team to do what you do best, which is growing your business.

Start-up LCVs, SUVs or Cars?

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Helping SME’s grow 

Start up business van Ashover
  • How SMC supported a drinks manufacturer with a taste for expansion

After a successful growth span within the initial start-up phase, we were approached by Derbyshire based cider manufacturer: Ashover Cider Company. We were invited to consult them on how their growing demand and goal for expansion could be delivered by us. The solution? – funding a company van through contract hire. By choosing this method, they were given an opportunity to fund the purchase with the support of SMC, we took into consideration their commercial growth potential meaning that the approved decision was fast, effective and flexible saving Ashover Cider Company money on large upfront costs.

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For more information about funding solutions, fleet management and mobility services for business startups, contact us today on:

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