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A van is more than just a vehicle that gets you from A to B. For many owners, a van is their office and workshop.

Choosing the correct van for the job is therefore vital, but it is easier said than done. Not only do you have to consider the purpose, the size, and the load capacity, but also, how you’re going to fund it.

Traditionally, commercial vehicles haven’t been associated with contract hire but more businesses are starting to understand the benefits of leasing vans, as well as cars.

Here we have identified our top 5 vans fit for contract hire:


Corsavan1. Vauxhall Corsavan

First up in the smallest category, we have the car derived van that is the Vauxhall Corsavan

The Corsavan shares the comforts and features of its car counterpart, but adds the practicality and space needed for a commercial vehicle.

You can choose from a range of purpose built engines and innovative technologies that deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. One of the most popular engines is the 1.3 CDTi diesel, which is Euro 6 compliant. The ecoFLEX version delivers the strongest fuel economy of 87g CO2/km and 85.6mpg combined.

Another benefit is the comprehensive safety features which help keep you, your passenger, and your cargo safe. Fitted as standard is Stop-Start, Cornering Brake Control, and Brake Assist.

Although the Corsavan isn’t the biggest in its class, the load space shouldn’t be taken for granted. It will carry a class leading gross payload of up to 571kg and has a 1257mm long load space. Therefore, it could be the ideal addition for businesses that requires minimal load space and payload weight.

2. Peugeot BipperVan

Next up in size is the small vans category, and the Bipper makes the list for us.

The Bipper stands out for us due to its impressive practicality, performance, and efficiency.

The Bipper boasts excellent environmental credentials, emitting just 115g CO2/km and achieving a fuel economy of 64.2mpg combined. As a result, it is ideal for the urban environment.

Although only 3.86m in length, it carries strong loading capacity with a payload of 660kg and load volume of up to 2.50m3. As an option, the flat-folding passenger seat folds flat into the floor and this would allow you to carry loads measuring up to 2.5m long, and increases the volume to 2.80m3.

Overall, the Bipper’s practicality as a commercial vehicle will give you all the tools need to keep your business moving forward. And, it could be yours from just £199 per month.


Doblo Van3. Fiat Doblò

Moving up a size from the Nemo, we have the Fiat Doblò van.

The new Doblò has been enhanced to increase functionality and performance. The line of the bonnet and front bumper help to ensure greater efficiency by improving aerodynamics.

Whilst the design has been enhanced to improve aerodynamics, the practicality of the Doblò has not been comprised. The robust van has a load compartment length of 1820mm, which offers a payload from 750 to 1005kg.

Safety at work is key, and you can relax knowing that it is fitted with the latest safety technology. Benefit from features such as: Parking Sensors, Electronic Stability Control, and Hill-Holder function to help you on those dreaded hill starts.

The Doblò is available with the choice of either Diesel and Petrol engines. The most efficient engine is the EcoJet, available on the 1.3 MultiJet Diesel engine, delivering emissions of 120g CO2/km. Due to its carrying capabilities and efficiency, we believe the Doblò could be the great addition to your fleet.


Vivaro Van4. Vauxhall Vivaro Panel Van

Next on the list, we have the medium sized category which is the most competitive van segment.

The Vivaro has set the standard for the medium van category many years and has built a loyal following.

The latest model, built in the UK, continues to be the benchmark which other vans aim for. It offers strong practicality with impressive load length of 2,537mm on the SWB Low roof model, which will enable you to carry a payload of up to 1,079kg. 

In addition, the Vivaro is available with a range of engines. The 1.6CDTI 16v Start/Stop ecoFlex achieves the best average CO2 emissions of 155-164g CO2/km. This delivers an average combined fuel economy of 44.8-47.1mpg.

The Vivaro has developed a strong reputation for reliability since it was first introduced. With versions now offering ESP Stability Control, Load Adaptive Control, and Blind-Angle Mirrors, this reputation should continue to grow.


Ford Transit Van5. Ford Transit Van

Finally, representing the large van category is the Ford Transit.

The Transit has developed a strong presence in the van market since its release in 1965. As competition toughens, Ford continue to innovate to keep it at the top.

Following enhancements in 2016, the Transit has benefited from the arrival of the EcoBlue TDCi engines. These engines have helped increase power and fuel efficiency whilst reducing emissions with the 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine offering 13% fuel economy improvement over the 2.2-litre engines.

The load area has been designed with space in mind, and the smallest van (L2) has room for up to four Europallets with load length of 3.04m. Furthermore, the Transit offers great flexibility as almost every aspect can be specified to meet your business needs. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your Transit.

To conclude, the Transit has been a household name in the UK van market for many years now, and it’s not hard to see why. Get the job done with this proven reliable, powerful, safe, and practical van.

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