Duty of Care: Driver Eyesight

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Today is World Sight Day and as an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your drivers are fit to drive.  A driver with impaired eyesight has a far higher chance of having an accident.

The Road Traffic Act 1991 gives police the power to stop anybody they suspect of driving with poor vision. The individual may be asked to perform a roadside eye test where they will be asked to read a number plate 20 metres away. Should they fail this test, or have already been advised that you are not fit to drive due to your vision, then they could face prosecution. The maximum penalty that can be issued is a £1000 fine, three points on their licence or a discretionary disqualification.

World Sight Day Infographic

We urge you to ensure that all your employees are fit to drive and are aware of the penalties for driving with impaired vision. To improve driver safety among your fleet follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Encourage your employees to get their eyes checked at least once every two years
  • Be aware of anyone who needs glasses and offer support and encouragement to ensure their safety
  • Incorporate eye care into your driver fleet policy so employees are aware of the dangers before they use a company vehicle

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