Don’t leave it too late to replace your tyres

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Tyres checks

With an ever-growing range of cars out on the road, each with their own tyre specification, garages and even tyre specialist garages are unable to stock every make and model of tyre to cover all eventualities.

This means, when you take your car to your nearest tyre centre for new tyres, they are not guaranteed to have your exact tyre available to fit the same day. Some will need to be ordered in advance and could arrive the very next day, others are so specialist they may take a couple of days before they become available.

When is it too late?

The legal limit for minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tyre and around the full circumference. However, our contract agreement states that tyres can be replaced when they fall bellow 2mm. This is to ensure our customers never have to worry about poor tyre depth.

Tyres fact

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So what happens if you take your car in for new tyres, and there’s a wait on your replacements… and the tyres you are currently running are below the legal threshold?

Yes, you’ve guessed it. The garage is legally responsible to stop you driving your vehicle away for safety concerns. And with good reason!

When driving, your tyres are the only things keeping contact with the road. If you’re driving with illegal tyre depth then you are dramatically increasing your chances of having or causing an accident, especially in difficult driving conditions and during the winter months.

And your problems don’t just stop with the garages; failing to replace your tyres before they reach the legal limit could result in a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence.

Therefore, leaving your tyres until they are dangerously close to the legal limit and then assuming your tyre centre can fit new tyres that very same day is indeed leaving it far too late.

Looking after you and your tyres

The easiest way to stay safe is to regularly check your tyres and book in for replacements with plenty of wear-time left before your current tyres become hazardous.

When checking your tyres make sure to:

  • Check 20p tyres checkyour tyre depth if you have a tread depth indicator, use this to gauge the remaining tread on your tyres. If not, visit to find out how to check tyre depth using a 20p coin
  • Check correct tyre pressures – over or under-inflated tyres have a decreased contact patch with the road and tyres suffer from uneven tread wear as a result
  • Check your wheel alignment – following a minor bump, such as hitting a kerb or pothole, your wheels can become misaligned. Poor wheel alignment can severely reduce the lifespan of your tyres and also, like tyre pressures, can impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency!
  • Check for external damage – any cuts, lumps and bumps could cause your tyre to rupture and fail at any point

If in doubt visit your nearest Kwik Fit centre to get your tyres checked or replaced.

For Sandicliffe Motor Contracts customers with maintained contract hire, you are covered for tyre replacement. Simply find and book in at your nearest Kwik Fit centre using the link above, remembering to leave plenty of tyre wear left should your tyre not be available for same-day fit.

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