Is a white Christmas forecast for the UK in 2018? Winter Driving reminder

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It was only 10 months ago that ‘The ‘Beast from the East’ caused chaos for millions of drivers across the UK as Britain experienced some of the worst storms due to a polar vortex. But could we be about to experience a new wintery blast this December and could it be a white Christmas?

Temperatures have been dropping and the Met Office have been issuing yellow weather warning for most of Scotland for snow and ice in the last few days and many are wondering could it be a white Christmas this year?

Officially a white Christmas is defined by the Met Office as “one snowflake to be obeserved falling the in 24 hours of 25 December somewhere in the UK”.

Although it is too early to predict if snow will fall this year on Christmas day in the UK, former BBC meterologist John Hammond has predicted colder weather this month.

In recent days bookies have also slashed odds for a white Christmas, however looking at a variety of weather forecasts it looks like it will be dry but cold Christmas and if projections from (07/12/18) of the jetstream are correct it would currently suggest mild and dry temperatures in the lead to Christmas, but who are we to say. Keep up to date with the forecast by visiting


For those who do need be prepared for winter driving, here’s some tips to help keep you safe:

Top 10 tips for Winter Driving

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