What is Volvo Pride?

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If you hadn’t already considered Volvo’s new award-winning range for your next fleet vehicle, after our experience of Volvo Pride 2018, now is the time to contact Sandicliffe Motor Contracts to request that demonstration and quotation.   

Volvo Pride

Now in its third year, Volvo Pride was back by popular demand, taking place at Silverstone Motor Circuit in Northamptonshire on October 11, 2018. The event was introduced by Head of Business Sales for Volvo UK, Steve Beattie and this time around, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts were one of the exclusively invited business car leasing companies to attend, with special privileges to bring along a select number of customers who were currently reviewing the opportunity of introducing Volvo’s innovations to their business fleet.

Volvo Pride 2

Steve Beattie, Head of Business Sales at Volvo Cars UK commented,

“Volvo Pride has been running for a number of years for our Retailers as a way to immerse our new starters in the network to the Volvo brand. A couple of years ago it was decided to expand Pride so that we could invite our Fleet Partners to their own Volvo Pride day; as a way to share our heritage, brand and cars with these key influencers. Delegates get the opportunity to understand what the Volvo brand stands for in a series of workshops and get to drive the entire Volvo range; either on the Silverstone track or cross country”.

Volvo Pride is intended to be a unique, interactive experience day.  It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s eye opening. Being Swedish, Volvo are different, and they want fleet customers to be aware of this, to understand the Volvo car brand, where it came from, where it’s going and address any previous misconceptions that Volvo makes boring cars.

The event featured information about Volvo’s heritage which focused on their hugely significant achievements that Volvo have modestly kept quiet about in the past and included some interesting facts.

Did you know?

  • Volvo were the first car manufacturer to introduce the two-point safety belt measure in 1957 which revolutionised the idea of car safety
  • In 1976, engineers of Volvo presented an oxygen sensor called the Lambda Sond and an exhaust catalyst. This was later introduced to all Volvo’s in the process to help to control and reduce harmful emissions, eventually being made a requirement in Europe for all vehicles as of 1993.
  • In 1987, Volvo became the first company to install front and rear fog lights on its vehicles.

Environment & Safety

Volvo Pride 3

The event also featured Volvo’s eco credentials highlighting their ambitions to make 25% of all plastics used in all Volvo to be sourced from recyclable materials. This already includes many parts from underneath the car such as wheel liners, mounts, interior door lining which is made from plastic bottles and car mats which are made from waste materials such as fishing nets.

Volvo also demonstrated that safety is still important to them as a brand and remains an integral part to their core values and vehicle development. Volvo outlined their ambitious target of making every Volvo so safe, that as of 2020 they hope to achieve no deaths or serious injuries occurring to anyone in a new Volvo car. Their safety programme is so significant and thorough, that they go above and beyond all other manufacturers in terms of testing vehicles, even beyond the safety standards set by the EU and the US governing bodies. This extends to Volvo’s own tests which include simulated vehicle rolls, flips, animal strikes and more to ensure the ultimate safety to their occupants.

But it wasn’t all safety – Volvo performed a series of agility and performance demonstrations to surpass any previous misconceptions that we, or anyone else may have had. This was seen throughout the tests and was particularly evident with their Polestar models (set to be a stand alone brand in the future) and the T8 engines. At most they will take your breath away and at least, it will put a huge smile on your face.


Volvo Pride 1

Volvo’s T8 twin engine uses a powerful electric motor in conjunction with a supercharged and turbocharged engine to generate 400bhp. Available in the S90, V90 and XC90, the sensation of acceleration from electric motor to supercharged turbo mimics a twin turbo rush you might experience from driving high performance supercars

Considering the Volvo S90 weighs in at 2,031kg, it achieves a phenomenal 0-60mph time of just 4.8 seconds – impressive when it also offers performance of economy, which delivers 134.5mpg combined fuel consumption and CO2 emission of just 48g/km CO2 – safe, economic and almost supersonic!

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts Sales & Marketing Director Mark Cubbon commented,

Volvo Pride provides a clear vision of Volvo’s future commitment as a number one vehicle manufacturer for substantiality, safety and the environment. Over the past 12 months this has been achieved through the development of technology and has led to variety of industry awards and achievements – criteria which our customers are looking to fulfil to match their own corporate responsibilities. Volvo have firmly put themselves forward as a contender for modern fleet choice, as well as becoming a serious challenger to some of the more popular luxury and premium automakers.” 

Steve Beattie, Head of Business Sales at Volvo finally added,

“Fleet Partner feedback has been hugely positive, especially from those that had not experienced driving a Volvo before. We have such a strong range of cars, from our V40 5 door hatchback through to the XC90 large SUV; a model to suit all of our individual customer needs.”

Speak to us about a demonstration

In conclusion, we all knew Volvo’s were safe and reliable, but what we didn’t know was how far Volvo have come under the Geely ownership. So far in 2018, Volvo have received no less than 31 awards from the automotive industry for a variety of categories, media organisations and governing bodies. But this only goes a small way to showcase how good their offering now is. If you have been asking yourself “should I consider a Volvo?”, then don’t, because the question you should be asking yourself is “why I haven’t I already ordered my new Volvo?”.

To request a Volvo demonstration or would like to receive a quotation, then contact your SMC account manager or contact to us directly on;

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