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More and more new vehicles are now being built with AdBlue tanks. AdBlue has been around for a while now but in recent years manufacturers have started to turn to the liquid as a way of reducing their emissions. The sudden uptake was no doubt influenced by the Euro 6 Emissions Standards introduced in September last year.

AdBlue is a urea-based fluid used in diesel powered vehicles to reduce the amount of harmful NOx emission produced. This is done by injecting AdBlue into the exhaust system which helps to convert some of the NOx gases emitted by the vehicle back into nitrogen and water. This all sounds very well and good but what does AdBlue actually mean for the drivers and fleet managers?

It is not always clear which diesel models come equipped with an AdBlue system. Unless properly informed, many drives will be completely unaware that they are driving a vehicle which requires them to regularly maintain the AdBlue fluid level. We advise that you speak with your fleet manager before selecting your company car.

Unlike engine oil, the AdBlue filler cap does not have a dip stick. Instead, a dashboard light will appear when the fluid level is low and needs replenishing. Normally the vehicle will issue and series of warning messages to ensure that the driver has enough time to fill their tank.

If a vehicle is not regularly topped up and the tank is emptied then the vehicle will not start again until AdBlue has been added. The distance you can cover between fill-ups will vary depending upon the make and model of your vehicle, so we strongly recommend that you refer to your vehicle’s manual. The vehicle manual will also inform you of the location of the filler cap.

When it comes to topping up we would recommend that you visit your local dealer. Whilst AdBlue can be purchased from automotive stores, it normally works out cheaper coming from a dealer. Some AdBlue filler caps can be quite narrow and hard to access.

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