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Company car drivers, looking to buy a second car for themselves, a family member or a friend are being reminded not to overlook the car they are driving.

All Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ cars and vans are available to purchase at the end of their contract, and what better vehicle to buy than the one you’ve been driving for the last few years. Not only can you get it at a better price than an equivalent car at a dealership, you also know its been properly serviced and maintained during its life.

“We sell a lot of cars to drivers at the end of their contracts,” said Phil Elms. “All drivers have to do is contact us a few months before it’s due back, and we’ll provide an estimated purchase price based on the vehicle’s age and forecasted mileage.

“Once we know the exact end mileage, we confirm the purchase cost via an email and if the driver wishes to go ahead they simply pay via their online banking, or cheque, and the car is theirs. It’s incredibly straightforward.”

If you are a Sandicliffe Motor Contracts customer and have drivers who would like to enquire about buying their company car or van at the end of its lease, please email us at [email protected] with the registration and mileage of each vehicle.

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