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Possibly one of the hardest purchasing decisions you will make today is choosing your next company car.

Let’s face it, the amount of makes and models that are available on the market today is quite overwhelming. Having to consider the engine size, price, and not to mention evaluating whether it fits your fleet policy, can be quite a lengthy process.

We want to make your decision that little bit easier with what we think are the Top 5 Low CO2 Emission Coupes on the market.

Although sales of coupes aren’t as strong as they once were, their style never goes out of fashion, and there are still plenty of stylish models to choose from.

Here’s our Top 5 Low CO2 coupes with sub £40,000 list prices which avoids the £310 VED supplement charge from 01 April 2017.


VW Scirocco1. Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe 2.0 BlueMotion Tech R Line Black Edition 

Classic design, quality finish, and impressive use of space are just some of Volkswagen’s characteristics. The R Line certainly represents their brand identity.

The R Line stays true to its design roots but blends this with modern practicality and comfort. The leather sports seats and three spoke multi-function steering wheel give the interior a look of luxury.

Volkswagen’s innovation in technology helps you to feel at ease on the road with features such as Curtain Airbag System, Electronic Stability Control, and Parking Sensors for improved safety.

Comfort is also assured in the R Line. Benefit from the Discover Navigation System, Bluetooth Connectivity, and Multi-functional Computer that helps you to get the most out of your petrol tank.

Efficiency hasn’t been compromised for design with impressively low emissions of 110g CO2/km and strong fuel economy of just 67.3mpg. With improved efficiency, luxury design, and especially strong performance; the R Line could well be the perfect addition to your fleet.

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Merc CLA2. Mercedes CLA Class Coupe 200d AMG Line Auto

The CLA has been fine-tuned. With reworked bumpers and a diamond radiator grille, the strikingly distinctive exterior oozes class.

Mercedes have developed a niche with their design. As a result of the compact four-door and sports coupe styling, the CLA stands out.

‘Full of bright ideas’ is how Mercedes describe their innovation to technology. Their intelligent LED High Performance Headlamps tailor the range, direction, and intensity of illumination to suit certain environments. They’re also more efficient, as low-beam uses around 60% less energy than xenon headlights, and 70% less than halogen.

You can experience seamless integration with your smartphone more safely. Apple CarPlay integration now allows you to perform a range of functions using vehicle controls and voice operation.

With a slick, dynamic, distinctive design, and low emissions of 105g CO2/km, the CLA is superb value for money.


BMW 4 Series3.BMW 4 Series Coupe 418d Auto

Third on our list is the BMW 4 Series. With 109g CO2/km, it combines efficiency with performance.

The redesigned front gives the 4 series a fresh, dynamic, and athletic appearance. LED Headlights flank the double kidney grille, and prominent air inlets on the bumper help signal its presence.

The enhancements don’t just stop at the front; redesigned LED rear lights emphasise the body’s width. Coupled with the substantial bumper and integral exhaust pipes, the 4 Series stays true to its dynamic character.

In addition, driving assistance comes in abundance in the 4 series. BMW’s Full Colour Head-up Display, Drive Assist, and Park Distance Control helps make your job easier.

Relax knowing that the 4 Series has been designed with intelligent safety measures in mind, specifically aimed at minimising the risk of accidents. The use of extremely resistant, high strength multi-phase steels, provide maximum stability for the body.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable car, fitted with the latest technology, this may be the answer.


Lexus RC 300h4. Lexus RC Coupe 300h 2.5 Luxury Auto

 The RC 300h is the world’s first luxury coupe that is powered by a full Hybrid Drivetrain.

As a result, the RC promises a sports coupe with exceptional fuel economy and unforgettable driving experience.

Although it has 113g CO2/km; the highest on our list, its hybrid status excludes it from the 3% diesel surcharge on BIK.

Developed on the Nürburgring, the RC was built with performance in mind. The tiny winglets on the front door pull air streams inwards to improve the way the car cuts through the air, whilst the near-flat under body takes aerodynamics to the highest level.

The RC is fitted with beautifully crafted leather sports seats and ambient LED lighting which combine to create a luxury design. At the centre of the dashboard, Lexus’ Premium Navigation, offers vivid 3D graphics and map navigation that is operated by the touch pad or voice controls

Not only is the RC efficient, it is also very safe too. Fitted as standard are features such as Pre-Crash Safety that detects objects ahead and applies the brakes if appropriate, and an eight airbag system.

It may not be the first model you think of when it comes to coupes, however it’s overall performance and fuel economy certainly ranks impressively with us.


BMW 2 Coupe5. BMW 2 Series Coupe 220d Sport 

 At number five is BMW’s second entry on our list, the 2 Series.

‘Wild, rebellious, and unique’ are the words BMW use to describe their sporty coupe. The unmistakable athletic design, 50:50 weight distribution and streamlined silhouette take the 2 Series to the top of the class.

On the inside, the overlapping surfaces and dynamic lines maintain the sporty design from the exterior. Additionally, the entire cockpit is angled towards the driver, so all functions are always under the driver’s control.

To make your life easier on the road, the 2 Series is equipped with numerous assistance systems from BMW ConnectedDrive. You will also be warned on unintentional lane changes; parallel park comfortably with park assist, and even enter your destination on the touchpad with your own handwriting.

Finally, its impressive efficiency helps warrant its place on our top 5 as it emits just 109g CO2/km.

The 2 Series receives strong reviews as one of the top coupes, and it’s not hard to see why. In our opinion, if you add it to your fleet, we doubt you’d regret it.


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