Life of a Fleet Manager: Is it time to move to Fuel Cards?

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You find them everywhere… your pockets, the glovebox, crammed in your desk drawer, down the back of the sofa or stuffed and crumpled in your wallet and purse, lost amongst various shopping coupons, lottery tickets and old betting slips.

Tea stained, torn and dog eared, those poor fuel receipts! We treat them so unkindly but without them, claiming back fuel expenses can be a tricky task.

And those pesky receipts mark only the beginning for Fleet Managers, Administrators and accounts teams when it comes to reimbursing employee fuel spend. From working out fuel rates, reclaiming VAT, transferring funds, filing and storing claims for up to six years, it’s enough to drive you to despair.

If fuel expenses are a real pain in your… photocopier, it may be time to move over to a fuel card.

Most fuel cards today are completely self-sufficient and can be managed online, meaning less hassle for drivers and administrators. Very much like a credit card, drivers never need to outlay any costs upfront and all transactions and records can be viewed and managed by the employer at any time.

A Fuel Card with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts

To bring you the best Fuel Card on the market, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts has joined forces with BP, the largest single-branded fuel network in the UK.

With over 3,500 sites available, including over 70 motorway stations and 850 ‘A’ road sites, and access to partner sites including Texaco, Gulf and Esso, drivers waste no time searching for a convenient place to fill up and get back to business.

Previous Fleet News fleet manager of the year and current sales support manager at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts, Gary Black knows a thing or two when it comes to managing a fleet’s fuel: “Trying to influence where drivers fill up to get the best fuel price for the business can be challenging task; often the most convenient fill up points are on the major routes and motorways.”

With a fixed fuel cost, set weekly, the Sandicliffe Motor Contracts Fuel Card fuel is always competitively priced and neither drivers nor the business are penalised for using the more convenient fuel stations as the pump price is the same no matter where you fill up.

“And unlike many other popular fuel cards I have used in the past,” added Gary, “our card has no transaction fees so filling up each time will cost the business nothing more than the price of the fuel.”

Another great feature is the online tools available to help you manage the process and keep everything under control. Gone are the days of fuel receipts, you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your own account using the various online tools – from downloadable transaction reports to trigger alerts – understand and learn from your fuel usage to make further savings!

Try our Fuel Cost Calculator

To see how much you could save with the Sandicliffe Motor Contracts Fuel Card, why not try our online Fuel Cost Calculator.

Or for more information visit Fuel Cards or contact us on 01159 466466 or email [email protected]

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