Life of a Fleet Manager: Short Term Leasing

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It’s one of those months. We’ve all been there…

You need a temporary car for Marcus the new sales exec starting next week, “I know,” you think, “he could borrow Radhika’s car whilst she’s on holiday.”

You see the light at the end of the tunnel just briefly before you fall crestfallen once more as you remember, “I’ve got that car booked in for a service whilst she’s away.”It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Then you see an email flash up from your boss who needs a car for their overseas visitor coming next month, whilst all this time Stephen’s still chasing you about the arrival of his new van and Susie’s just mentioned she off to Wales for a three day conference, which you know is another request coming your way.

Managing a fleet can be challenging at the best of times.

And for instances like this, when the pinch is just that bit tighter, why not consider a short term lease; a vehicle at your disposal for a few weeks or so to see you through the storm.
As well as offering long-term contract hire and leasing solutions, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts also offer flexible, month-by-month, short term contracts.

“We’ve seen over recent months, short term leasing increasing in popularity amongst many of our customers,” said Gary Black, sales support manager at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts. “Common practice in the past has been to try beg and borrow a vehicle to try and make ends meet, and I’ve been there myself as a previous Fleet Manager.

“But what many Fleet Managers now have come to understand is, with very limited commitment and short lead times, a short term lease vehicle can be a quick and simple solution to plug any gap in your fleet.

“A diverse fleet is what every business needs,” added Gary. “As more customers see the benefit of having a spare vehicle around, the more we can help.”

With the same broad range of vehicles to choose from as with longer term contracts, whether you need a simple run-around or something with the wow factor for a visiting VIP, it really is as easy as giving us a call and having the vehicle delivered to you in no time at all.

To speak to us about Short Term Leasing, contact Gary on 01159 466 466 or email [email protected]

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