The Counterpart Paper Driver Licence Is No More

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As of June 8, 2015, the paper part to a UK driver’s licence is no longer valid.

The paper part of the driver’s licence was originally used to show further information about a driver that could not be included on the photo card licence, for instance any penalty points or endorsements, when these were introduced back in 1998. But now, following in the same vein as the tax disc, the DVLA are looking to streamline their services further and offer what they see as far simpler, safer and more efficient digital services.

So what impact does this have on us really?

As a business

For any business running a fleet of vehicles, driver licence checking plays a big part in keeping both your driver’s and the public safe out on the roads. Especially as you are recommended to check your employee’s driving record every six months – handling this in-house can become a job in itself!

Like many of our customers, they benefit from using our Driving Licence Checking service. Fully automated and completely hands-off for you, you only need to provide your employee’s details once. After this, we periodically check their records and keep you updated on their status, saving our clients valuable administration time.

But should you wish to check one-off instances, the new system does allow you to check your employee’s driving record online via the Checking Driver Information service.

You will need your employee’s:

  • last eight digits of their driver licence number
  • valid check code
  • consent to check their driving record

As an individual

The biggest change we will face is when a third party, perhaps an employer or a car hire firm, asks us to provide evidence of our driving record. Ordinarily we will give our consent for somebody to do this by handing over our paper counterpart so they can physically check for any penalty points etc.

But now, in order for the third party to check your record electronically, you need to provide a ‘check code’ which you generate online via the View My Licence. In order for the third party to check your licence you will also need to provide them with the last eight digits of your driver licence number and your consent. Please note, a ‘check code’ is valid for 21 days and is only valid once.

At this stage, you can also download and print a copy of your driving licence summary.


For further information about our recommended Driving Licence Checking service, call us on 01159 466466 or email [email protected].

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