UK Drivers to face harsher penalties for exceeding speed limit

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Harsher speeding fines

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In a study conducted by road safety charity, Brake, more than three quarters (76%) of drivers ranked speeding as the most dangerous driving behaviour. Yet over 150,000 speeding fines are regularly issued each year to UK drivers.

The dangers of speeding

Here are just a few eye-opening facts and statistics about the hazards of speeding, courtesy of road safety charity, Brake

Harsher speeding fines for most serious cases


Harsher speeding fines

Despite the clear dangers of speeding, people still regularly do it. But as of April 24, 2017, offenders caught speeding could be facing a more expensive fine and therefore think twice before speeding.

Following a recent review of sentencing guidelines by Magistrates, speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales will rise by up to 50%. This follows the recent change to tackle another bad driving behaviour on the road, mobile phone usage.

The change will not impact the current minimum fine of £100 and three points, but for Band C offenders, fines are increasing from 100% of their weekly income to up to 175%, depending on the circumstances. More offenders will be handed the highest maximum fine of £2,500, which originally were only given to motorway offenders. Please see the table below for the fines for each banding.

Speed Limit (mph)Band C Band BBand A
Average Speed (mph)
2041 and above31-4120-30
3051 and above41-5031-40
4066 and above56-6541-55
5076 and above66-7551-65
6091 and above81-9061-80
70101 and above91-10071-90
Fines150% of weekly salary100% of weekly salary50% of weekly salary

The impact for fleet drivers

In 2015, the average speeding fine in the UK was £188. With fines rising by 50%, this average fine could increase to massive £282. This is a positive step taken by the Government to help prevent road fatalities as a result speeding.

Driving is more than just getting from A to B, for some business users, driving could be your livelihood. Not only might it hit your pocket hard, it could also result in you losing your license, your job, and possibly, even worse.

Therefore, it is important that you keep to speed limits when on the road. Some cars nowadays are even fitted with speed limiters, that enable you to limit your top speed.

Additionally, for Fleet Managers, ensure that your Fleet Policy is very clear on your company’s standpoint when it comes to speeding.

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