Road Safety Week 2015

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Road Safety Week 2015 runs 23-29 November and is the UK’s largest road safety campaign. Coordinated by motor charity Brake, thousands of businesses, organisations and community groups across the country get involved each year to raise awareness of road safety in an effort to reduce and prevent road-related accidents.

This year, Brake focuses on the theme of ‘Drive less, live more’. It challenges drivers to think twice before jumping the in the car and ask… is this trip essential? Could I walk or use public transport instead perhaps? Maybe I should use my bike more to travel and keep fit at the same time?

The logic is simple: reducing the number of vehicles on the road will automatically reduce the number of road accidents, many of which are fatal.

Therefore, driving less and living more makes perfect sense, and as an individual, should be something we all try to do more of. However, for many businesses and organisations, driving is an essential part of day-to-day operations.

As a company vehicle leasing company, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts is an organisation that is involved in literally millions of business miles every year so we are focusing our energy on ensuring company drivers and their vehicles are as safe as they can be.

Throughout the week we will be spearheading a road safety campaign, sharing practical advice with our colleagues, customers and wider network to demonstrate the effect regular vehicle maintenance checks, reduction in speeding and monitoring driver’s health can have in making our roads a safer place.

Road Safety Week 2015 Poster CompetitionTo spread the word in our local community, this year Sandicliffe Motor Contracts is joining up with local primary school, Dovedale to raise awareness amongst some of the most vulnerable of road users, children.

Over the week almost 200 pupils, aged 7-11 will take part in a Road Safety Poster Competition where they will be asked to create a poster to help keep them and others around them safe. This could be reminding mum or dad to not use mobile phones when driving or understanding the importance of wearing seatbelts at all times.

The winning designer, to be announced Friday 27 November, will win a family trip to see Aladdin at the pantomime! The winning poster design will then be used to mark the pinnacle of our safe driving campaign to further educate drivers in our network. Click here to discover our winner.

We encourage all businesses to show your support this week and get involved. From training sessions to running a car-free day at your place of work, do your bit in helping to make the roads of Britain a safer place.

Why not register for Brake’s free online driver webinar, taking place Thursday 26 November at 2pm? Click here for more information and to register.

Or get involved throughout the week on social media using #RoadSafetyWeek and #driverlesslivemore.

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