Road Safety Week competition winners announced

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Road Safety Week is a great way for schools, businesses and communities alike to raise awareness and improve road safety standards. To show our support, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts wanted to do more than just engage with our own business network – this year we wanted to go one step further and extend our reach to the wider community.

Working with Dovedale Primary School in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire, we invited pupils to take part in a Road Safety Poster Competition to share important road safety practices and help them and others stay safe on the roads. A total of 190 pupils entered the competition from across seven Key Stage 2 classes.

Everyone at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts were blown away by the entries, not just by the quantity but also by the quality. The overall standard was extremely high making it very difficult for head judge, sales director Phil Elms, to single out just one winner. Eventually we decided to award a highly commended winner from each class as well as an overall photo

“We were delighted to be invited by Sandicliffe Motor Contracts to be involved in Road Safety Week,” said Miss Dainty, deputy head at Dovedale Primary School.

“The children really enjoyed it and some of the posters were truly fantastic. I certainly didn’t envy Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ job in selecting the winners.”

The winner’s ages ranged from 7-11 years old. The chocolate selection box prizes were a hit amongst the highly commended winners and the overall winner, Ella, aged 10 was over the moon to receive a family trip to the pantomime to see Aladdin at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham next month.

“I was honoured to judge the competition and select Ella’s poster as the winning design,” commented Phil Elms at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts.

“Her poster was both visual and informative with a great use of colour, making it really eye catching and memorable.

“I thought her take on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of road safety communicated a very simple but powerful message, something we can all relate to, no matter how old you are.”

We used Ella’s poster to mark the end of our week-long Road Safety campaign. Reaching thousands of people throughout the week via a range of digital media, we were keen to bring both our business network and local community together.

“It’s great to see a younger person’s perspective of what they think road safety week is all about,” said Jonathan Myers, marketing intern at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts.

“Like many things, often the simplest messages can have the most impact and we wanted to use a child’s perspective to challenge adult’s attitudes and behaviour out on the roads, particularly amongst company car and van drivers.

“It’s been a great opportunity for me as the newly appointed marketing intern at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts to plan and execute my first campaign and getting the chance to meet the local kids at Dovedale has been a great experience.”

Our six highly commended posters can be viewed below.


Thank you to all the children at Dovedale Primary School who took part.

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