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The opportunities offered by the latest risk management tools could become a ‘threat’ to an organisation if not properly managed.

Ian Hesselden, a partner at JLT, believes additional risk management tools such as telematics and in-cab coaching devices can produce “invaluable” data to safeguard both company and driver.

This comes into light after the recent incident where bus driver Kailish Chander created a fatal collision in Coventry.  Chander had been involved in four other driving incidents in the previous three years.

However, he had missed a one to one meeting to address concerns over his driving as his bosses ‘needed him out to be driving’ as he continued working until the collision.

After sentencing, Phil Medlicott, managing director of Midland Red (South), accepted that there were a number of failings at the company.

“While we met in full all the regulations around driver working hours and had all of the relevant checks in place, our own detailed policies were not followed as closely as they should have been,”

Hesselden explained that the motivation to install the system ultimately sets the tone as to how the organisations will respond to the data.

“If, on the other hand, it was installed to meet the company’s needs and culture to optimise running costs, efficiency, safety, driver welfare and insurance costs, Hesselden says it is “very likely the company will have thought about how to use the data across all facets of the fleet in a smart and intelligent way”.

“By asking a few pragmatic questions during the system feasibility phase, and even after, many fundamental mistakes wasted opportunities and a lot of costs, both direct and indirect can be avoided,”

With a new recent push for frequent medical testing and a pre-medical review for older drivers, with appropriate checks being carried out every six months rather than on a statutory annual basis the hope for unfortunate casualties will reduce.

Source: Fleetnews.co.uk

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