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Sandicliffe Motor Contracts has been extending their operations in more ways than one this year. With a new office extension set to be completed next month, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts has also been busy extending their marketing team by recruiting a new marketing intern.

“We are delighted to announce Jonathan Myers as the newest member of our team,” said Phil Elms, sales director at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts.

“Not only do we get the benefit of another team member to support our growing sales and marketing function, but we also get the opportunity to give a young and budding marketer the chance to gain real industry work experience.”


Jonathan Myers, Marketing Intern

As a current student studying Business and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University, Jonathan will be working closely with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ existing marketing department over the next twelve months, offering support with web publications, PR, market research and also hopefully bringing forward his own ideas and suggestions.

Amy Bowmar, marketing controller at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts is only too pleased to welcome Jonathan to the team, “It’s great to be able to offer a local student the chance to gain some work experience.

“As a graduate myself I understand the importance of leaving university with more than just a degree; employers today are looking for the whole package and hopefully we can help Jonathan in gaining those valuable work experience skills businesses are looking for.

“Also, as this is the first time we have been able to take on an intern it will be a learning curve for both of us. I aim to learn as much from the experience as Jonathan will hopefully glean from us.”

The new internship scheme is also designed to attract new talent into the motor and leasing industry.

“I’m very grateful to have been given the chance to work at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts,” explained Jonathan.

“The experience I gain here will be invaluable to me in my final year at university and although contract hire wasn’t a career I had really given any thought to, the more I learn about the industry the more appealing it becomes.

“I hope to really make an impact during my time here and aim to give as much back as they have given me,” Jonathan added.

Jonathan’s degree is a ‘sandwich course’ which means that after his internship he will be able to return to Nottingham Trent to complete his final year. Hopefully his time at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts will enable him to draw on experiences which can help him better his grades for his degree.

Working closely with Nottingham Trent University to ensure Jonathan gets the most out of his work placement, Ross Huffen from the Nottingham Trent University Employability team commented, “During their placement, ‘sandwich students’ are able to develop real commercial awareness, insight into career planning, develop contacts in industry and receive potential job offers.

“Employers also benefit from current skills and new ideas brought by the student and may also use the placement to help develop highly skilled employees for their graduate opportunities,” Ross added.

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts look forward to watching Jonathan’s progress over the next 12 months.

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