National Pothole Day 2016

Driving Awareness, Driving Risk Management


Today is the second annual, National Pothole Day. Coordinated by Street Repairs, they have dedicated a whole day to potholes in the hope of raising awareness about the condition of Britain’s roads and invite you to join them in reporting any defects you find on your local roads.

Street Repairs provide a free online service where you can quickly and simply report any potholes to your local council. You are even able to upload a photo and detailed description to further inform the council of the problem.

And all of this talk about potholes got us thinking about the impact they have on company car drivers and businesses.

Check out our infographic for some ground-breaking facts:  National Pothole Day - infographic

Vehicle damage presents an obvious problem for fleet managers. Potholes have been known to cause flat tyres, damaged rims, broken coil springs, collapsed suspension and alter the cars tracking causing it to pull to the left or the right. All of these issues could result in the driver being off the road until the car is fixed and ready to drive once again.

However, it is often the case that a pothole might not cause an immediate problem, the suspension might be weakened after a collision with a pothole and slowly deteriorate over time. This is why it is always important to carry out maintenance checks after an incident to avoid any unforeseen issues later down the line.

To ensure that your fleet is prepared to deal with any pothole-related issues speak to one of our Technical Services advisors on 01159 466 466 or email [email protected].

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