My First Car


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We all remember our first car. It may have been old and rickety, with bits that didn’t work and no luxuries such as power steering or a CD player. Some may have been hand-me-downs from a family member, or specially picked out by well-meaning parents as the “sensible choice” but either way, it was yours and you loved it!

The first car was also a symbol of freedom and growing up. You now had the ability to get behind the wheel and go wherever you wanted to go. The world was your oyster! Oh the memories…

To celebrate the joy or the first car, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts took a moment to look back and share with you those beauties (remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!) that were once our first cars.

1973 Vauxhall Viva

The proud owner of a car just like this was Steve Goodall, our Technical Services Manager who may have made some modifications to get more out of his 1.3L engine…

Vauxhall Viva
Image source


1979 Fiat 127

Paul Dibden, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ IT Support Assistant had a Fiat just like this but with a lot more stickers. A lot.

Fiat 127
Image source


1989 Ford Fiesta

Our Marketing Controller’s first car. Amy first bought her car for £80 and sold it for £100, the only profit she foresees making selling used cars.

Ford Fiesta 1989
Image source

Feeling all nostalgic?

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