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Marketing Intern

Following the success of the current and first intern, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts are looking to hire a new intern for the next academic year.

Last October, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts hired its first intern. Jonathan Myers, a business student from Nottingham Trent University joined the marketing team as part of a new work-placement program.

As part of Jonathan’s university course, he is allowed to take an optional year-out work placement in order to gain valuable work experience which will not only help to improve his grades but also demonstrate to future employers that he has a proven track record in marketing.

Since joining the team in October, Jonathan has been able to try his hand at a variety of different marketing activities. On a daily basis, he is responsible for maintaining Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ digital presence by monitoring and updating the website, publishing news post, creating promotional eShots and digital newsletters as well as monitoring the various social channels.

Other responsibilities include designing printed material such as adverts and factsheets as well as the quarterly printed newsletters. Jonathan also receives a number of AdHoc request from different departments of the business and is responsible for planning and attending a number of exhibitions throughout the year.

“During my time here at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts I have been given some great opportunities to learn new skills which will be invaluable to my future development,” said Jonathan. “When I arrived here in October I wasn’t too sure about which areas of marketing I wanted to choose as a career but over the last eight months I have been allowed the freedom to explore a large range of marketing activities which has helped me to define my career path,” continued Jonathan.

Jonathan joined Sandicliffe Motor Contracts under the watchful eye of the Marketing Controller, Amy Bowmar. Amy acts as Jonathan’s mentor as he gets up to speed with his new role.

Amy, a university graduate herself, understands the importance of not only having a degree but also having the relevant work experience when it comes to finding a job.

“Jonathan can now demonstrate to future employers that he has experience in marketing and that he is more than capable of planning, executing and maintaining a variety of tasks,” explained Amy.

Following the success of Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ first intern, the Long Eaton based company are hoping to renew their placement scheme again this year. The application process is now open.

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