Life of a Fleet Manager: Improving your Fleet Policy

Fleet Manager

loaf group 1: Fleet Policy

Let’s start with a little quiz…

Where can you find your company’s fleet policy?

a.   Sitting pride of place on your desk entitled, ‘The Bible’
b.   Gathering dust in your Boss’s in-tray waiting for approval
c.   Ranking amongst the most accessed document on your company’s Intranet
d.   “I think there’s a copy in my desk drawer somewhere…”

When was the last time your fleet policy was updated?

a.   About a year ago, it took a lot of time and effort to get it right. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!
b.   It takes forever for things to go through the approval process, you won’t be rushing to update it anytime soon
c.   About a month ago when you reviewed your company’s fuel policy in light of decreasing pump prices
d.   Not sure, your fleet manager wrote the last one before you took over the fleet remit

What’s the most important thing when it comes to your fleet policy?

a.   All areas are covered – it needs to be foolproof
b.   It has buy-in from key stakeholders in the business
c.   It’s clear, concise and easy for colleagues to understand
d.   It lists all the vehicle choices so everyone doesn’t have to keep asking you all the time

For some, a fleet policy is a useful and practical document, constantly being updated and reviewed. For others, it can be a document that just lists the company’s fleet vehicles, has little connection to the way the fleet runs in the real world and was only written because it was the ‘right thing to do’.

A good company fleet policy should always be a living and breathing document. It sets out the company’s standpoint for what having access to a company vehicle means in terms of behaviour and responsibilities.

In the eyes of the law, a company vehicle is viewed as an extension of the workplace so a business’s duty of care when it comes to company drivers is crucial. A fleet policy helps Fleet Managers control and manage this process, ensuring they have buy-in from employees from the word ‘go’. It forms a set of guidelines used to educate and acts as the basic ‘rulebook’ for all things fleet in the business.

Back to the quiz. How did you do?

Mainly A’sloaf 1a: Fleet Policy
As the Fleet Manager, you take your role very seriously and this is reflected in a thorough policy but remember, it can’t be too rigid and needs to be able to reflect changing circumstances. It’s great to be proud of your work but have you thought about it from an ease of use point from your colleague’s perceptive?


loaf 1b: Fleet PolicyMainly B’s
Do you struggle to get the fleet agenda raised as a priority in your business? And for all your efforts you never seem to get anywhere? Don’t lose faith! A helping hand could go a long way to help in giving you the boost you need. All the ingredients are there, it’s just about pulling them together.


Mainly C’sloaf 1c: Fleet Policy
Well done, sounds like things are going great and with plenty of engagement from your colleagues, you’re onto a winner. However, never rest on your laurels. Have you thought about plans for the future… alternative fuel, mobility? Try to look ahead at activity you can start now to further improve the performance of your fleet.


loaf 1d: Fleet PolicyMainly D’s
It can be difficult especially if fleet isn’t your main job role. Sounds like a bit of specialist support could help you handle some of the pressure. Outsourcing fleet support doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, fleet providers can literally pick up the area in which you need the most help, and developing a robust fleet policy is one of them.


A helping hand

Wherever you on your fleet policy journey, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts can help support you in moving your fleet policy forward. We make it our business to design fleet policies that really work and most importantly, are backed up by practical, working processes. From working with you to make sure you have the right vehicles for the right people, to developing processes for grey fleet, driver licence checks and fuel, we can bring together all the key factors to making your fleet department a success.

For more information, speak to a member of the team to get one-to-one advice on where to go next on 01159 466 466.

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