Fleet World – Fleet Show 2016


Fleet World - Fleet Show 2016

On 11th May, we attended Fleet World’s annual Fleet Show. Held at the world famous Silverstone race track, the one-day event consisted of an indoor trade exhibition, numerous educational talks and a large selection of static display cars from a number of manufacturers.

Many of the vehicles on display were available to ‘test drive’ around a small section of the race circuit. This presented a good opportunity for use to get to grips with the latest manufacturers have to offer. Over the course of the day, we got to try a number of vehicles. A particular favourite was the Tesla Model S which was surprisingly quick and very easy on the eye.

Another highlight was the Volvo XC90. Specifically, Fleet Show 2016 - Volvo XC90the T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid model which came with a selection of dynamic driving modes. Drivers can choose between Pure, Hybrid and Power driving modes to allow for a dynamic and adaptable journey. Volvo has really raised the bar when it comes to styling too. The latest models look sharp and refined both inside and out while all the time keeping safety at the heart of the brand.

Fleet Show 2016 - Manufactures

As well as choosing from a wide selection of vehicles to drive on the track many manufacturers also offered an adrenaline filled ‘hot lap’ which involved being driven around the track at full pace by a trained racing driver. We were lucky enough to go out in the new Mazda MX5 which even had the roof down, adding to the experience.

Fleet Show 2016 - Exhibition


The Fleet Show was not just about the manufacturers and their cars. Inside the Silverstone Wing was an active industry exhibition were we had the chance to speak to people from all corners of the industry and even try our hand at a few competitions.

Fleet Show 2016 - Banners

The Silverstone Wing was also host to a series of informative talks. We attended one from Thatcham Research, who were discussing vehicle safety. Thatcham Research also provided us with a working demonstration outside on the Copse Runway, showcasing a number of automotive safety features and driver aids including crash avoidance.

Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyable despite the typical English weather. We look forward to next year.

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