Driver warning: new road cameras will detect more than speeding offences!

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A number of new high-tech speed cameras are being introduced to parts of the UK and are set to double the number of driver convictions!

The new high-tech speed cameras are not only logging your speed, they are also able to capture if a driver is using a mobile phone, as well as if they are not wearing seatbelts. Using an LED camera, these new camera’s work just as well at night as in the day and are now being deployed by Devon and Cornwall Speed Camera Partnerships.

Originally reported by and dubbed the ‘yellow vultures’, the new average speed cameras are set to improve driver safety by making it harder for motorists to evade detection when committing driving offences like using mobile phones.

The move by the councils of Devon and Cornwall could persuade other areas to introduce the new cameras. There is only one way to be sure that you do not get a ticket from the new high-tech speed cameras – and that is to drive without speeding or using a mobile and ensure you use a seatbelt at all times, all of which are standard UK driving law requirements.

Image source Cornwall Live (Erin Black)

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