Secrets of a successful partnership: The Danwood Group

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Seven years on and the preferred supplier contract hire relationship between Sandicliffe Motor Contracts and The Danwood Group is still going strong.

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts took over The Danwood Group contract back in 2008. As the UK’s largest managed print solutions company, The Danwood Group fleet consists of almost 500 vehicles, most of which are supplied and maintained by East-Midlands based, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts.

When asked what makes the partnership so successful, Geoff Wray, fleet manager at The Danwood Group replied, “For us, it’s the level of support we receive from Sandicliffe Motor Contracts.

“For a fleet like ours where we have over 250 business critical service vehicles and almost the same again in sales and management cars, we need a fleet partner who is hands-on and quick to react to our needs.

“When we started working with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts we approached them with a problem that was costing us a lot of money. Faced with a string of what we felt were unacceptable end of contract recharges, they not only identified the root cause but took complete ownership of our entire end of contracts process – for vehicles they didn’t even own at the time.

“Since then, when it comes to end of contract time, we haven’t experienced any problems.

“Their commitment to us also never faltered when the company went through substantial restructuring a few years ago and it’s that level of unyielding support and trust that has enabled our partnership to go from strength to strength.”

For Sandicliffe Motor Contracts sales director, Phil Elms, he believes good communication is the secret to a great partnership.

“Although we offer a variety of additional fleet services such as maintained contract hire, daily rental and support for Danwood’s owned vehicle fleet,” added Phil, “we do not see our role as replacing their fleet department.

“With open and regular contact with Geoff and the team, both parties are very clear as to what support is needed and when. It is through this shared understanding that allows us to get on and do our job – and do it well – but still have sight of the bigger picture. With over 35 years’ experience in fleet services we are always encouraged to step in and offer our expertise should the need arise.”

As The Danwood Group’s growth plans continue to soar, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts is delighted to still be by their side.

“Our joint interest in The Danwood Group means we are only too pleased to see the business continue to prosper,” concluded Phil.

“And we are confident that in another seven years’ time we will still be offering the same level of support and guidance.”

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