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Love your company car or van too much to say goodbye…

Well now you don’t have to.

At the end of your contract hire agreement, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts offer drivers the chance to buy their beloved vehicle.

Your company vehicle can make a great used car purchase for you or a family member. Not only can you usually get a better price than at a dealership but you know also its service history and how well it’s been looked after.

“We sell a lot of cars to drivers at the end of their contracts,” said Phil Elms, sales director at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts. “All drivers have to do is contact us a few months before their vehicle is due back, and we’ll provide an estimated purchase price based on the vehicle’s age and forecast mileage.

“Once we know the exact end mileage, we confirm the purchase cost via an email and if the driver wishes to go ahead they simply pay via their online banking, or cheque, and the car is theirs. It really is that straightforward.”

For all our customers, if you’re interested in buying your company car contact your account manager direct or call the team on 01159 466 466 or email [email protected].

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