Best Vehicles for Christmas

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As the year begins to unwind and come to an end there really is only one event which everyone looks forward to – Christmas. Purchasing presents for loved ones, finding the perfect Christmas tree for the house and putting up with the weather becomes part and parcel of the festive season. If you’re still wondering what vehicle will suit best for your Christmas tree or what vehicle can battle the arctic conditions, then read our review below.

Best Vehicle for Delivering Presents

Delivering your presents are essential. You would require a vehicle that would be spacious, reliable and heavy duty. The Ford Transit Custom is the perfect vehicle for all your delivering needs with it being the UK’s number one van you’ll be able to transport your presents with ease thanks to its unique load-through storage area, items up to 3m long and up to 1,406mm from floor to roof, providing the essential practicality for your average Christmas tree to fit into the Transit Custom.

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Best Vehicle for Picking up the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree plays an important role for all annually. The item which is only considered during December and is a must-have, to having to dispose or store it for the following year. You may see people cramming a tree through the back of their cars with the branches popping out of the window or see them on top of a roof, however, fear not as we at SMC have compiled the top five bestselling vans for you here:


Best Vehicle for Winter Driving

The roads can become an interesting place during the winter periods with it gracing us with either snow, rain or ice. The Volvo XC60 according to the Euro NCAP has been classed as one of the safest cars in general and will be able to withstand the winter weather with ease thanks to its excellent 4×4 system, comfortable ride quality and Volvo’s inherent safety record.

With the sound of Snow being fun, the element of danger cannot be ignored. Keeping safe during the icy conditions is essential and according to Euro NCAP’s 2018 rating the Audi A6 has a five-star rating and currently classed as the only safest fleet car of 2018.


Best Vehicle for Christmas Entertainment

Moving onto a lighter note, Christmas is all about the entertainment for all ages. You’ve heard of Christmas Carols, Christmas Lighting shows but did you know cars can also provide entertainment during the festive period? Tesla’s Model X set an impressive benchmark with its own lighting show to the soundtrack of ‘Wizards in Winter’ by Trans-Siberian Orchestra – could this become an industry standard perk for all cars to follow suit in the future?

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