7 things to do when stuck in traffic

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According to a recent report, UK drivers now waste on average 30 hours a year stuck in traffic.

The report based on 2014 figures show the UK rise one place from 2013 to now rank as the fifth worst country in Europe when it comes to the amount of hours spent in congestion.

Where do the hours go?

Now we know! We all moan that there’s never enough hours in the day and 30 hours a year is a lot of time to waste.

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts take a moment to think how that time that could be put to better use…

1. Listen to an audio book

My favourite excuse is I never have enough time to read nowadays. But with 30 hours a year going spare, that could be three books alone I could rattle through in the car. With some decent subscription deals out there (most come with a month’s free trial so you can try before you buy) a monthly download can actually work out cheaper than buying the real thing.

2. Catch up with a new radio show via podcasts

Use your time to try something new when it comes to the radio. If you’ve always fancied turning into The Archers or want to catch up with Steve Wright in the Afternoon, listening to podcasts in the car can be super easy and better yet – free. Download before you set off, plug in and off you go.

3. Have a bit of a sing-song!

Playing some of your favourite music and singing along can be a great way to pass the time and can actually help to brighten the mood. Stuck in a morning jam, why not try something upbeat and energising to get you started for the day or if you’re on the way home, switch to something a bit more chilled and mellow to help you wind down after a busy day.

4. Get organised

Take a moment to plan for the week or weekend ahead; for work, think about meetings coming up and start preparing in your head and for home or the family, why not plan your meals for the week, think about where to take the kids on a day-out or list some of the errands you’d like to run this weekend.

5. Make audio notes

Sometimes the best ideas can strike when you’re out and about so don’t let them fizzle away. Capture your moments of genius by making use of your smartphone as a Dictaphone. For all the other moments, use this handy tools to set reminders or to make your shopping list.

6. Relax

Don’t let the situation get the best of you. Use your time to sit, reflect and relax. Proven as a great way to boost morale and happiness, take a moment to sit back, relax and think of all the things in your life you can be thankful for.

7. And if all else fails… play the licence plate game!

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