Grey Fleet Any vehicle that is used for business purposes but is privately owned is known as grey fleet. A business will still cover the drivers expenses and may even offer a company car allowance as compensation for using their own car. Many fleets will consist of a combination of both grey fleet and company cars as it is not always efficient to allow everyone a company car.

Running a grey fleet can be more efficient for employees who only need to make infrequent, short distance business journeys. Employees who drive more business miles are generally better suited to company cars as this can be supplied for less than it would cost to cover the individuals mileage, fuel and admin costs.

Although grey fleet means the employer is not supplying a company car to the individual they still have a duty of care to ensure that they are fit and able to drive. Should an employer fail to do so then under The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 they can be held responsible. Apart from legal and moral duties it also makes financial sense to properly protect your grey fleet.

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Have you considered your Duty of Care?

The driver needs to be in good health before they get behind the wheel. It’s down to the employer to check that the driver is fit before sending them out. The driver should be neither tired, stressed nor overworked. Drivers in poor mental or physical health have a far higher chance of being involved in an accident. The driver also needs to be checked for a valid driving licence.

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The vehicle needs to also be suitable and safe to drive. Even though the employer is not supplying the vehicle they still need to ensure that it has a Tax and MOT certificate and that it has been insured to drive for business use. Should a driver be involved in an accident then they would not be covered under personal insurance.

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