When you take a moment to think – tyres are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road – you realise just how important it is to regularly check and monitor the health of your tyres.

Making sure your fleet’s tyres are in a safe condition and replaced before it’s too late is essential.

Although you can’t put a price on safety or peace of mind, replacing tyres can be expensive.


A better way

Some leasing companies don’t include tyre cover in their fully maintained contract hire service, meaning that you’re required to pay for tyre replacements in addition to your monthly rental fee.

Not only is this expensive but there is no hard or fast rule to tyre wear. How often and how much your fleet’s tyres are going to cost can fluctuate, making it difficult to manage in terms of budgeting.

Fully maintained contract hire, with tyre provision including, makes life easier for all – drivers, administrators, and the accountants!

We do things a little differently at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts…

Unlike other leasing companies, at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts we always include tyre cover in our fully maintained contract hire service. Therefore, your drivers can replace their tyres without leaving you with an extra bill to pay.

As part of our agreement, we offer you the opportunity to replace your tyres when their tread depth falls below 2mm. Visit our Vehicle Maintenance page for advice on how to check your tyres.

This helps in keeping your driver’s safe on the road, as well as making sure your vehicles are fit for purpose.