Holstein UK

The requirement for a wide variety of cars called for the development of a graded, ‘user chooser’ fleet policy

The story so far

As the largest independent breed society in Europe, Holstein UK and their subsidiary companies are at the heart of the dairy industry.

Over the past decade, Holstein UK has built up an extensive portfolio of services which are designed to assist their members in breeding profitable, robust and productive dairy cattle.

Our initial discussions ‘way back when’ came about because of Holstein’s general dissatisfaction in the service provided by their incumbent suppliers.

Their focus seemed to be the size of the fleet rather than listening or responding to Holstein’s needs.

Cue Sandicliffe Motor Contracts…

We work with Holstein to provide:

  • Maintained contract hire – starting with fully-maintained contract hire in 2002, they then aquired additional fleet management services
  • Accident Management – creating a seamless experience for any employees who may need support following an accident on the road

How do we do it?

From the outset, it was clear that Holstein needed much more than just a basic contract hire service. With multi-functioning job roles, their needs called for a diverse vehicle fleet.

Working in partnership, we helped to develop a graded, ‘user chooser vehicle policy’ which gave
employees the freedom to choose a vehicle that made carrying out their day-to-day business
activities easier.

Working with such flexibility and openness can be difficult to manage but we have been there every step of the way. Together, we have designed an effective and efficient fleet policy that not only meets budget criteria, but also satisfies driver expectations and 15 years on, has stood the test of time.

What Holstein says?

“Working with Sandicliffe has been, and continues to be one of the easiest partnerships I have experienced.

They listen to what my needs are, consider the solutions and then once agreed, deliver consistently on their promises.

In my opinion they are a cut above anyone else in their field because they focus on quality rather than quantity; they focus on value rather than cost, and they provide you with access to people who  genuinely care and have a passion for providing first-class customer service.

I have a significant proportion of my workforce on the road all day long in Sandicliffe Motor Contracts provided vehicles, and as such without this high-quality support, our business would struggle to operate efficiently”.

Peter Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Holstein UK