GF Machining Solutions‘Customer-focused, speedy and efficient’ – that’s why Sandicliffe Motor Contracts works for GF Machining Solutions

The story so far

Machining manufacturer, GF Machining Solutions has been working with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts since 2011; a relationship that has spanned two fleet-decision makers.

Owned by Swiss corporation Georg Fischer and based out of Coventry, GF Machining Solutions manufacture, sell, install, commission and service a wide range of precision engineering equipment. Their market is diverse, serving technologies such as motorsport, aerospace, defence and dental businesses to name a few across the UK. And their capabilities are just as broad; from manufacturing high-value jet engine components to tiny lead frames for state-of-the-art dental implants, GF Machining Solutions is a world-leader in their sector.

The GF Machining Solutions fleet mix comprises of around 30 cars and an occasional commercial vehicle. The cars are predominantly used for field-based engineers and sales executives, who drive considerable miles visiting customers up and down the country.

We work with GF Machining Solutions to provide:

How do we do it?

Working closely with GF Machining Solutions’ Fleet Decision Maker, Chief Financial Officer, Matthew Perry-Parker, we help to manage their strict, three-tiered fleet policy. GF Machining Solutions see their fleet as an extension of the multi-national Georg Fischer brand and are very particular in their vehicle choices to ensure they meets their emission and BIK expectations.

GF Machining Solutions cars are all:

  • From the Volkswagen Group, the three tiers comprise of the Audi A3 Sportback, Audi A4 and VW Passat
  • Capped at 130 gCO2/km
  • Black metallic

Like any good fleet policy, the GF Machining Solutions policy is continually updated, tweaked, and improved. Only last year, Account Manager David Casserley sat down with CFO Matthew to make sure they were getting the most from their vehicles. David spotted an opportunity to deliver a higher specification Passat, offering enhanced driver and safety features with no impact on the employee’s tax band. Meaning GF employees get a smarter and safer car for their money.

We also supply a steady stream of Short Term Lease vehicles to GF Machining Solutions which are a provided on a supply and demand basis. As the name suggests, Short Term Lease vehicles are provided on a 28 day+ contract and GF Machining Solutions use these to manage vehicle lead times. For example, if an employee is waiting for a new replacement, we can provide a short-term car to bridge the gap and keep them on the road.

What GF Machining Solutions says?

‘I took on the role as CFO in 2013 and with that, I inherited the existing fleet relationship with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts. With procurement and purchasing playing a key part in my roles for the past 25 years, I knew of Sandicliffe Motor Contracts and was keen to see how we would get on…

I was not disappointed. For me, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts is perfectly matched to a business like ours – we may be niche with a moderate fleet but, as a business, our ambitions and expectations are high, and the team at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts get that.

Our business is all about detail and understanding that every component, no matter how small, plays a part. We are a crucial component in a very high-value, fast-moving supply chain. I need to know I have a supplier who can deliver.

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts are customer-focused, speedy and efficient; exactly what I’m looking for. Our Account Manager, David, is always on the other end of the phone and can always be relied upon for sound, expert advice.’

Matthew Perry-Parker, Chief Financial Officer