row-of-cars1By far the most popular and modern method for funding company vehicles, contract hire is much more efficient than the outright purchase of vehicles, and offers many financial and operational benefits, providing businesses with the ultimate peace of mind when financing their fleet.

If your business is currently outright purchasing their vehicles we strongly advise that you consider moving to contract hire with us.

What is contract hire? Contract hire is an agreement that allows businesses to hire a vehicle for use over a set period of time, to an agreed mileage limit and pay a fixed monthly rental fee.

The contract can be tailored to suit your business needs but is typically between two and four years. At the end of the contract, you don’t have to worry about the final valuation and the hassle of selling your vehicle, as the risk lies with the contract hire provider.

If you opt for fully maintained contract hire, this includes:

  • Routine servicing and repairs
  • Tyres
  • Any brake, battery, or exhaust replacements
  • AA breakdown cover, including replacement vehicle cover if required
  • MOT and vehicle tax if your vehicle is over three years old.