Alan Bartlett and SonsOne of the world’s largest producers of parsnips make the move from outright purchase to contract hire

The story so far

Back in 2012 Alan Bartlett and Sons decided to move from outright purchase to contract hire. Based over two sites in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire and Forres, Scotland, Alan Bartlett and Sons are known nationwide for their quality produce and are recognised as one of the largest producers of parsnips in the world.

The family run firm started with just a few pick-up trucks, perfect roaming around their impressive 3,300 acres of farmland. Now five years later, they run a ‘combined’ fleet of over 25 vehicles, ranging from light commercial vans to executive management cars.

We work with Alan Bartlett and Sons to provide:

How do we do it?

After working closely with their Account Manager David Casserley, Alan Bartlett and Sons was able to understand the benefits of moving to contract hire. David sees it as his responsibility to help his customers make the best decision for their business.

Alan Bartlett and Sons identified the fact that a fixed monthly cost would enable them to budget more effectively as they would no long need to worry about unforeseen costs.

The relationship between Alan Bartlett’s and David was key in cultivating the move to contract hire. It was a great achievement in 2013 to see the final outright purchase vehicle make way for yet another Sandicliffe Motor Contract vehicle.

With renewals and new vehicles in the pipeline for Alan Bartlett’s, they will hopefully continue to reap the benefits of contract hire with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts for many more years to come.

What Alan Bartlett and Sons says?

“As a family run business, with traditional attitudes and values, we just automatically gravitated towards outright purchase when it came to our company fleet.

For us, the budgeting aspects of contract hire really works. Each month we know exactly how much our vehicles cost and with maintenance and running costs all included in the monthly rentals, we don’t have to worry about being landed with surprise servicing costs.

It may have felt like a big move at the time but now almost four years on, we can’t imagine doing it any other way. For business, for us, it just makes sense.”

Toby Bartlett, Company Director at Alan Barlett and Sons