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  • 1. Vehicle Policy & Choice

    vehicle policy and choice

    At Sandicliffe Motor Contracts there is a focus on the customer every step of the way. Our team is always on hand to answer any client questions and we pride ourselves on the attention to detail and support that we offer...

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  • 2. Vehicle Order & Handover

    Vehicle Order and Handover

    We always use our own team for inspecting and delivering vehicles, meaning that you can rest assured that your cars and vans will arrive in perfect condition...

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  • 3. Fleet Manager Support

    Fleet Manager Support

    Throughout the lifetime of each contract, our team is there to help Fleet Managers every step of the way. Due to this support, most of our customers remain with us long term, some having been a client of ours for much of our 30 year history...

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  • 4. Driver Support

    Driver Support Management

    Drivers are often the hardest judges when it comes to the quality of their cars. Due to this, we have always preferred to deal with them in person, rather than through call centres. This personal approach allows us to deliver a great service...

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  • 5. Vehicle Return & Renewal

    Vehicle Return and Renewel

    When a vehicle reaches the end of its lease, and is due for return, Sandicliffe Motor Contracts continue to micro manage each car and van to ensure complete customer satisfaction to the end...

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