end of contract

De-fleeting is what happens when a vehicle reaches the end of its contract, and is returned to the contract hire provider. At Sandicliffe Motor Contracts we treat this end of contract process with as much care and consideration as we do at the beginning.

We do this by personally collecting each vehicle and returning it to our head office for a de-fleet inspection. This helps to ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction.

The common practice across the leasing sector is for a third party collection agent to take the car or van to wherever it is going to be sold, usually an auction house. They carry out a condition report and if problems are found the client suddenly finds themselves faced with a bill for end of contract recharges.

We don’t operate this way. Because a member of our own team inspects the vehicle at our depot, we liaise directly with customers and offering complete transparency. We see the bigger picture of our complete client relationship, rather than blindly working to a pre-set tick list.

As a result, our de-fleeting process is smooth and stress-free. This, tied in with our key-for-key exchange for a driver’s new replacement vehicle, our renewals process is just as simple too.

For those customers who grow to love their company cars, you don’t have to part ways if you don’t want to. All Sandicliffe Motor Contracts’ cars and vans are also available to purchase at the end of their contract.