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Start-up and drive your business forward with Sandicliffe Motor Contracts fleet partnerships

Have you got plans for expansion? Do you need to get more reps or engineers out on the road in order to drive your business forward?

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts have been providing credit where credit is due to small and medium enterprises across the UK for over three decades now. When it comes to delivering quality service and vehicle mobility solutions, be it funding, choice, strategy, policy, development and management, SMC provide the flexibility new businesses require to move them forward efficiently.

Our independence is rare in the leasing sector and allows us to take a positive approach to businesses in the early stages. Sit down with a member of the SMC Business Development Team to understand what options are available. Our free consultation service helps support SME’s when starting up, ensuring that their best interests for growth can be facilitated. The team will explore all opportunities and alternative finance solutions when it comes to contract hire, leasing and fleet management to meet individual business needs.

Mobility Solutions for SMEs

  • Funding  Whether understanding what option would work best for a growing business or start-up, SMC can help you find the credit and unlock the funding you need.
  • Vehicle Choice  If you are looking to establish which cars or vans would be most suited for practical use, brand image or for attracting and retaining employees, then SMC can provide the most up to date and reliable advice. We will identify key benefits from BIK through to the practicalities of diesel vs electric power and explore various factors which could impact your business such as the implications of clean air zones.
  • Fleet Policy – We’ll help to develop a fleet policy to protect your employees and keep them safe, which in turn will protect you in terms of liability and duty of care.
  • Management – Let us do what we do best! We take the pressure away from your team by looking after your fleet with a fully comprehensive fleet management service, leaving you and your team to do what you do best, which is growing your business.

SMC supports SME growth 

How SMC supported a drinks manufacturer with a taste for expansion
After steady growth in their early start up years, we were approached by Derybshire based cider manufacturer Ashover Cider Company. We were invited to consult them on how their growing demand and goal for expansion could be moved to the next stage with vehicle support.After advice and consultation from Sandicliffe Motor Contracts, Ashover Cider Company were keen to explore the benefits of funding a company van through contract hire. By choosing this method, they were given an opportunity to fund the purchase with the support of SMC, who took into consideration their commercial growth potential, meaning that the approved decision was fast, effective, personable and flexible – saving Ashover Cider Company money on large upfront costs.

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