Finance Leases and Non Maintenance Contract Hire

The running cost of cars supplied on these types of agreement are the responsibility of the hirer and you will need to
make servicing arrangements with your garage in your own name / company name.

Full Maintenance Contract Hire and Fleet Management Contracts

The cost of routine serving and maintenance is the responsibility of Sandicliffe Motor Contracts. Servicing may be carried
out at the garage of your choice provided that a franchise is held for your make of vehicle. Please go to the Garage
nomination form and advise us of the garage you wish to use so that we can arrange credit facilities where necessary.

Tyre Replacements

If your contract includes the provision of replacement tyres they must be supplied through Kwik Fit or Kwik Fit Mobile.
When tyres have between 1.6 & 2mm of tread (The wear bars indicate 2mm) or if they are in anyway unsatisfactory
please contact your nearest Kwik Fit Branch or Kwik Fit Mobile. Please note that Mobile is available during normal
working hours but only as a pre-booked service. They are not a breakdown service.

Authority must be obtained from Tyre Line, 0870 0506666 by the tyre depot prior to fitting replacement tyres, and it is
essential to ensure that tyres are fitted in line with the manufacturer’s specification. The fitting of incorrect equipment
can invalidate not only the vehicle warranty but also the vehicle’s insurance cover.

The condition of tyres is the driver’s legal responsibility and affects your safety. Regularly check tyre pressures and the
wear of the tyre. Any sign of irregular wear or damage must be inspected by Kwik Fit without delay.

Sandicliffe Motor Contracts will not be liable for the cost of call outs due to unserviceable/missing spare wheel, tools,
including locking wheel nuts or run flat repair kits.

Dependant upon the terms and conditions of specific contracts a charge may be made for the replacement of tyres due
to damage as a result of irreparable puncture or sidewall damage, negligence or vandalism.

Batteries – Exhausts

Batteries and exhausts should be obtained through any Kwik Fit Branch providing the item is not covered by the
Manufacturer’s warranty. If in doubt please check with Maintenance control on 0115 9466466 before proceeding.


Please ensure that your garage checks the anti-freeze content of your engine before the 1st of October each year.
Likewise, if any repairs are carried out to the cooling system please ensure that the Anti-freeze strength has been
checked and adjusted where necessary. The cost of this will be borne by Sandicliffe Motor Contracts on maintained
contracts. Failure to have your vehicle adequately protected will result in any damage being recharged to your company.

Engine oil checks

Today’s modern engines, petrol and diesel, are designed as Low Friction units. This means they are designed to use oil.
As a result, and due to the ever increasing service intervals, it is not uncommon for engines to run out of oil and be
destroyed if the oil is not checked regularly and topped up where necessary. Should this occur your company may be
liable in full for the replacement cost.