One of the most common causes of customer dissatisfaction in contract hire and leasing is end of contract recharges.

As an industry, we understand that daily use of a company car or van will mean that deterioration will occur. That is why we use the industry-recognised BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Guide to assess the level of deterioration.

End of contract recharges or end of lease charges only occur when a returned vehicle’s condition falls outside of the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Standard.

This is when dispute between fleet provider and customer can occur.

checking vehicles

A better way

For some leasing companies, end of contracts checks are handled via a third party, so the person informing you of these charges will unlikely ever see your returned vehicles.

We do things a little differently at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts…

Unlike other leasing companies, at Sandicliffe Motor Contracts at the end of every contract, each of our vehicles are returned to our head office.

This means that we can carry out all checks personally, assess any damage and feedback directly to our customers, in real-time. Therefore, we can inspect every vehicle separately and be honest and open about the amount of vehicle depreciation that has occurred. To offer further transparency, we also invite customers to our head office to discuss the matter further in person. Alongside our experts, customers can physically inspect their vehicles to see why these costs have incurred.

Over the years we have found this to be one of the best ways to not only deliver a better level of service to our customers but also to reduce the amount of recharges we actually issue.