Breakdown and Rescue Services

Included in our full maintenance contract, The AA provide all our breakdown andin partnership with The AA Breakdown recovery services. To ensure a quality and uniform experience despite the age or make of vehicle, we do not utilise the manufacturers ‘free’ roadside assistance.

For businesses where vehicles are so crucial to the operation of the business, we understand that response times are important to our customers. The AA aim to respond to a call within 45 minutes.

Also included within our cover is the provision of:

  • Homestart
  • Relay – onward transportation to your drivers chosen destination in the event that the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside
  • Relay Plus – the provision of a free courtesy car for up to 48 hours if requested by your driver if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside
  • Fleet Europe Cover – for travelling abroad

Replacement vehicle service

Replacement Car - BreakdownA replacement vehicle is normally only made available if your car/van is off the road due to mechanical breakdown and not as a result of an accident. Where this service is included in your contract, a temporary replacement vehicle will normally be provided by our Maintenance Control Department, when your vehicle has been off the road for more than 24 hours. The relief vehicle is provided free of charge for a maximum period of 48 hours and thereafter the cost of hire will be recharged to your company. Details of the garage where your vehicle is located must be given to our Maintenance Control Department at the time of your request for a replacement vehicle. Wherever possible the relief vehicle will be comparable to your contract vehicle and will be supplied through our spot hire partners.

Please note, replacement vehicles are normally only available Monday to Friday during normal working hours.

We do not provide insurance for relief vehicles and it is your responsibility to ensure that your company has made the necessary arrangements to comprehensively insure the vehicle through your own company insurance. Alternatively you will have to use the hire companies insurance with all the restrictions and costs that that involves at the time of hire.