Electrical storm strikes Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

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VW ID R breaking records

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2019’s Goodwood Festival of Speed saw an event filled with sunshine and soaring temperatures, but the real news was the electrical storm that came from Germany!

Now in its 26th year, the Festival of Speed saw the world-renowned event take place on July 5-7 at Goodwood House for the 9-turn, 1.16-mile Goodwood hill climb in West Sussex.

Electric shocks petrol-heads! 

McLaren F1 car









This year was of historical significance to the motor industry because it saw Volkswagen shock spectators with a record-breaking run that obliterated a 20-year-old standing record which was previously set by Nick Heidfeld in his V10 petrol engined McLaren P4/13 F1 race car, which recorded an incredible 41.60 seconds back in 1999.

Volkswagen ID R Pikes peak









Heidfeld’s record had stood for 20 years with modern engineered motor technology not coming close until last year (2018), when the all-electric 4-wheel drive Volkswagen ID R Pikes peak race car, driven by former Le Mans winner, Romain Dumas recorded 43.86 seconds. His time was just 2.26 seconds off the current record and gave the VW ID.R the third fastest time ever recorded in Goodwood’s history – demonstrating how far EV performance had come vs that of traditionally fuelled petroleum vehicles.

Charged, with a point to prove










This year, however, the VW ID.R was back in charge with a point to prove, once again in the hands of Romain Dumas, but this time presented in electric blue. Additional changes saw Volkswagen’s electric engineers optimise the ID.R for Goodwood’s hill climb making weight savings through removing some of the batteries.

During Friday’s practice runs, Dumas managed to top the original record with a time of 41.18 seconds, 0.42 seconds quicker the current record, but it was all in vain, as the time didn’t count due to the run being classified as practice.

However, when Saturday came, Dumas and his VW ID.R were fully charged and gave an electric shock to spectators by striking through Heidfeld’s time with an incredible 39.90 seconds, smashing the existing 20-year record by almost 2 seconds! Watch the electric beating lap below.


VW ID.3 coming soon!

The record-breaking success of Volkswagen’s ID.R at Goodwood couldn’t have come at a better time for Volkswagen, as their new all-electric ID.3 had its first UK public appearance at the festival. Sleek, attractive and modern, the ID.3 is expected to be the shape of things to come for the Golf in the future and VW has confirmed that they have already taken more than 15,000 reservations across Europe for it.











The ID.3 became available for pre-order in the UK on 8 May 2019 for a pre-booking fee of £750. Over 10,000 deposits were taken in the first 24 hours after its pre-sale release.

It is expected that the ID.3 will have a range of 260 miles and 110kw battery meaning it will be charged quicker than any other electric vehicle currently on the market making it more practical for longer journeys.  Volkswagen has said that vehicles are due for delivery in the Summer of 2020 when we expect consumer and business behaviors to dramatically shift towards electric vehicles.

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